Paula Gardner portraitIncrease Market Share and Raise Brand Awareness Through PR

Paula Gardner is PR coach specialising in helping businesses grow their brand using press coverage.  With over 20 years in the PR industry, and three PR and marketing books to her name, Paula works closely with businesses of all types, taking them through a process of:

  • Review  -what do we have to offer and attract the media?
  • Packaging – how can we best convey our message?
  • Creativity – what can we add into the mix to really stand out and get noticed
  • Systems – how can we set up systems to make sure PR actually gets done and done in the right way?
  • Inspiration –  how do we keep having new ideas and keeping things fresh?

Ideal for companies that would prefer not to work with a PR agency at the moment, traditional PR as well as Marketing, Social Media and Strategic Networking are all addressed.

You can work with Paula in two main ways: A one day Get Noticed Consultation or a one year intense business building and hands on Big Brand Builder Programme.

Alternatively, if you would like to just receive media requests from journalists looking for stories there is the Divine Publicity Club.

Which level best suits you?